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The Power Hour

    In this one-to-one session, we will discuss your current digital presence and networking strategies through a basic assessment.  A recommendations report will be provided highlighting your top three priorities. 

    The Power Hour

    • Digital Assessment Tool includes a review to conduct a basic inventory of your website and social media presence.
    • Networking Strategies includes a general discussion about the groups you are engaged with and what other opportunities to consider.
    • A recording of the session includes an overview of the take-aways and your customized action items for your top three priorities.

    The Take-Aways:

    • An understanding of your digital presence to improve your messaging and outreach so you are connecting with the right people.
    • A strategic approach to using your time more effectively to connect with communities that make sense for your business.
    • Your very next action steps so you can get started!

    The cost is $200 and includes a recording of our session. Schedule your Power Hour today by clicking here! If an slot doesn’t align with your availability, not a problem – drop me an email and we can find a time that works best for you!