“Dennise is a senior level development expert, grant writer, and marketing/social media consultant.  She has comprehensive knowledge and skills in all these areas.  Dennise will do a fantastic job for you and she is so much more than just a grant writer –
she is a writer extraordinaire!” 

Clarinda White
Fundraising on a Mission


I also work with individuals on personal/professional coaching/mentoring.

Special projects

“Artclectic New England is a great resource for anyone looking to dive deep into their local creative community with interviews and highlights featuring opportunities for creators and fans of the arts.”

What Cheer Writers Club

“I had a blast working with Dennise on this podcast — the conversation was in-depth, but felt very free and easy. Dennise asked interesting, informed questions, and that allowed me to dig a little deeper with my responses. I had a great time.”

Tyler Dobrowsky – Trinity Rep

“Great experience! Dennise’s authentic and genuine approach put me at ease and made for an engaging interview! Hope to we can this again, soon!”

Rekha Rosha – Frequency Writers