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BroadBand the Podcast – Jennifer Paone

BroadBand the Podcast Episode 25

This is Episode #25 of BroadBand the Podcast and today’s guest is Jennifer Paone of The Production House.
Hello – this is Broadband the podcast and I’m Dennise Kowalczyk – thanks for tuning in! If this is your first visit, welcome! I created this podcast is to share some of the stories about women pursuing their dreams as solopreneurs. Our conversations include a look back at how they got started and insights on tips as well as lessons learned.

Jennifer Paone of The Production House

I have been so inspired hearing their stories of who inspired them and their generosity in sharing resources – that is what BroadBand the Podcast is all about.

On today’s podcast, my guest is Jennifer Paone. Jennifer started The Production House just after graduating college in 2001 with a BA in Film Production. Her passion for filmmaking started at an early age. With her creativity and need for flexibility, starting a small video production company was a natural progression.

The Production House offers video production services to businesses, nonprofits and they also do weddings. Learn all about them by visiting theprohouse.com – check the show notes for the link as well.

BroadBand the Podcast TV is now available on YouTube! I am sharing many of the conversations I have shared with you here, on the podcast, but now on video, too.

Have a great day and thanks for listening to Broadband – a podcast about Women in Business Sharing Their Wisdom. Thanks again to Jennifer Paone of The Production House for sharing some of her time and her wisdom with us!

Have a great week!

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BroadBand the Podcast is a production of CTD Creative Consulting, an agency that provides strategic digital support for nonprofits and small businesses. As your personal digital publicist, I work with you to build awareness about the brilliant thing that you – and only you – are bringing into the world. I do this a few ways: write compelling copy for your website or engaging blogs to build awareness about your expertise; use social media like LinkedIn to strengthen your social currency; I create e-newsletters to share out information about your offers; and, we work together to seek interview opportunities on podcasts and blogs to build your credibility and get in front of potential clients. As your very own publicist – we get the good word out about your services in a way that motivates people to want to learn more about what you do and to help grow your business. I help you use the digital space to connect with your clients. So, if you are ready to connect the dots to your success, let’s start with a chat!


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