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BroadBand the Podcast – Erika Stewart

Broadband the Podcast episode 2

BroadBand the Podcast shares insights of lessons learned by businesswomen and elevates their services to the greater community. It is a conversational-style interview show that also includes tips, resources, and ideas to empower other business women to grow their own business ventures.

I am pleased as punch to introduce you to Erika Stewart of It Clicks Photography. She is a relatively recent transplant to Rhode Island and is featured as one of Snappr Providence’s top photographers. She loves working with all kinds of people and businesses because her personal mission is to capture imagery that shows how wonderful this world truly is. She offers professional photography for branding, commercial / lifestyle, personal images for your professional brand, and wedding photography – full disclosure: Erika took my photos, and they are FANTASTIC! We caught up on zoom recently, to talk about how she discovered her passion for photo-taking, what inspires her in the world, and how she infuses all of her work with the art of storytelling…..

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